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Locally Grown wins the Eat Local Challenge at the college ranked #1 for food in the USA: St. Olaf

I got an email on Monday from Northfielder Randy Clay, Board Manager for Bon Appetit Dining Services at St. Olaf, inviting me to lunch on Tuesday for their 7th Annual Eat Local Challenge:

Eat Local Challenge St. Olaf 2011I am attaching a release [PDF] about our Eat Local Challenge event tomorrow. I would love it if you would come have lunch on us!

If you have not visited our Dining Hall recently, tomorrow is a great opportunity to see what we are all about, as we will be showcasing our efforts to support eating locally.

Newsweek - Best Food - College Rankings 2011So Robbie and I took him up on the offer. How could we not have a free lunch at the best college food program in the USA?

Yep, Newsweek’s 2011 College rankings for Best Food ranked St. Olaf as #1.

And MinnPost’s Beth Hawkins authored this article a couple weeks ago: From Parmesan risotto to cider-brined pork, St. Olaf’s food dubbed best in nation.

Griff Wigley, Randy Clay, Matthew Fogarty Marlys Proehl  Todd Lien, Thousand Hills Cattle Company Griff Wigley, hungry man 
L to R: Randy introduced me to Bob Appetit Executive Chef Mathew Fogarty; I got a free pass from Northfielder and Just Food Co-op member/fan Marlys Proehl; I got served Thousand Hills Cattle Company beef by company rep and Northfielder Todd Lien; and then I sat down and pigged out with my sweetie. 

So yes, Locally Grown won the  7th Annual Eat Local Challenge, along with a few thousand other Oles, and a long list of those who produce locally grown (heh) food. Yum.

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