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Photo redux: Rock ‘n Roll Revival

Alas, I didn’t make to the dress rehearsals this week for Northfield High School’s Rock ‘n Roll Revival show, "Reelin’ and Rockin’." Shows are March 11, 12, 13, 17, 18 and 19 and there are a few tickets still available according to Tom McKown. See:

My photo albums from 2009, 2007, and 2005 below:

Above: 3 albums from 2009

Above: 2 albums from 2007

Above: 2005

All hail the Rock ‘n Roll Revival triumvirate

Bonnie McKown, Tom McKown, and Gayle Collins
Bonnie McKown, Tom McKown, and Gayle Collins (click to enlarge)
There’s another triumvirate in town. Tom McKown (English teacher and Rock ‘N Roll Revival director), Bonnie McKown, and Gayle Collins (High School Media Specialist, now retired) are the big three behind the bi-annual event.

Bonnie and Gayle volunteer their time (Bonnie even takes vacation days during performance week from her job as a pediatric nurse), while Tom gets a small stipend that likely pays him the equivalent of 30 cents/hour.

high-fivefist_jabWhile there are many dozens of volunteers who help make Rock ‘n Roll Revival happen, these three deserve a special high-five and a fist jab whenever you see them.

Video: Tom McKown talks about directing Rock n’ Roll Revival

repjlogo-thumb1.pngNorthfield High School English teacher Tom McKown talks about what it took to create Rock n’ Roll Revival VIII this year. He sat in front of the camera for the interview on stage a few hours before Friday’s sold-out performance.

Town McKown, director, Rock ‘n Roll Revival from Bonnie Obremski on Vimeo.

Photo album: Rock ‘N Roll Revival 2009 dress rehearsal – big hair, backstage

A full dress rehearsal for Northfield High School’s Rock ‘N Roll Revival VIII – Palisades Park,  includes what Director Tom McKown calls ‘big hair.’

I have a few hundred photos from last night’s dress rehearsal performance to sort through and crop but in the meantime, see the album of 7 dozen backstage photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

Hundreds more tickets to Rock ‘N Roll Revival available soon

Tom McKownYes, the District’s web site now says that tickets for the 2009 Rock ‘N Roll Revival were sold out as of Wednesday. But Rock ‘N Roll Revival emperor Tom McKown stopped by my downtown office this morning and let it slip that the show is actually NOT sold out. He then threatened to duct tape my mouth shut lest I reveal the information. But my journalistic integrity prevents me from knuckling under to such bullying tactics. Therefore, if enough people are interested, I’ll tell all. (continued)

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