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Complete Streets: what are the pros and cons?

National Complete Streets Coalition

Ever since the Plum St. reconstruction debacle, the City Council has shown interest in rethinking our streets and roads.

Nfld News:  City Council is considering new plans to make Northfield roads ‘complete’

The Minnesota Complete Streets Coalition is a cooperative effort that began in 2009 through the work of Fresh Energy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Transit for Livable Communities. The coalition “seeks to improve and ensure access to safe travel choices for Minnesotans” by encouraging cities to build their roads with all users in mind, not just cars.

For a street to be "complete," it must take into account what types of transportation the road is used for, how heavy the traffic is and what the surrounding area is like. Along with attending to the needs of road users, the coalition urges cities to make wise environmental choices during construction projects.

More at: National Complete Streets Coalition

Northfield Grassroots Transit Initiative launches Go! Northfield website

Go! Northfield

I noticed on Thursday that the back of the May NEG (not yet online) had a blurb about the new Go! Northfield website launched by the Northfield Grassroots Transit Initiative and hosted at Northfield.org.  The project got $1,500 from the EDA back in Feb:

Suzie Nakasian approached the EDA with a funding request from the Northfield Grassroots Transit Initiative. The group has created a collection site of all transportation options available for residents and visitors alike. The funds would be used to assist in public outreach/publicity campaign including the use of a Spanish language editor, brochure and poster printing in both English and Spanish, and radio and newspaper advertising.

Today’s Nfld News has more details, though once again (sigh), they don’t link to the new site (they don’t link to the new site in body of the article, but they do provide a link in the right sidebar): New website provides easy access to public transit options:

According to Northfield Grassroots Transit Initiative founding member Suzie Nakasian, the website helps fulfill some of the group’s goals, which include decreasing private vehicle usage and increasing mobility of the car-less. The Northfield Grassroots Transit Initiative was formed by Northfield community members in 2008 after a group of Carleton College students and the organization Growing Up Healthy simultaneously held events to raise awareness about transportation and poverty.

Update May 1, 6:15 am: I’ve corrected the text above, noting that the Northfield News article does link to the go.northfield.org site.  They don’t link to the new site in body of the article, but they do provide a link in the right sidebar. See this screenshot with arrows/notations (right-click and open in a new tab to view a full-size version of the screenshot).

screenshot-Northfield News article about go.northfield.org

New blog: Northfield Nonmotorized

sean-glassesnomo-sshotThe City of Northfield’s Nonmotorized Transportation Task Force sunsets this month. Some of the members started a new blog about a month ago titled Northfield Nonmotorized, with the tagline: “Northfield and Dundas Trails and Bikeways | Safe Routes to School | Mill Towns Trail.”

Sean Hayford O’Leary is the primary blogger thus far, with Neil Lutsky and Bill Ostrem chiming in with comments.

Tunnel under Hwy. 19 RR crossing studied. Huh?

Hwys 19 & 3 I was shocked to read in yesterday’s Northfield News (Transit study suggests tunnel under highway) that the Bolton and Menk consultants have drawn up conceptual plans for putting a tunnel under the Hwy 19 railroad tracks by Malt-O-Meal. When Tracy blogged about Hwy 3/Hwy 19 transportation study open house a few weeks back, I had no idea that we’d be paying consultants to look at a tunnel. This seems like a wildly extravagant idea and a waste of money to study, no matter if it’s local dollars or Federal dollars. Or am I missing something? (continued)

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Hwy 3/Hwy 19 transportation study open house on Wednesday

There will be a public open house for input to the multimodal transportation study for Highway 3 /Highway 19 at 7:00p.m. this coming Wednesday, July 22, at the Armory.

The study area includes TH 3 from the bridge over the Cannon River to the bridge over the railroad north of St. Olaf Avenue; and TH 19/5th Street from the Odd Fellows Lane to the bridge over the Cannon River. Maps and background information are available on the project page for the study. Continue reading Hwy 3/Hwy 19 transportation study open house on Wednesday

Older streets are safer

1874-platSomeone asked me recently to explain why the Planning Commission “doesn’t like culs-de-sacs”. I have a fondness for culs-de-sac and used to live on one, but they do have some serious shortcomings which, to me, outweigh their pleasant aspect. I was interested to read some new research that clearly quantifies ways in which our American suburban street model, which so dominated the second half of the 20th century, is in fact more dangerous than the traditional grid. (continued) Continue reading Older streets are safer

In the Obama-Era, Plans Revive for a Northfield-Twin Cities Rail Line

Logan Nash Dan_Patch_commuter-rail-line-Map Logan Nash, a student in Doug McGill’s journalism class at Carleton College, has written a piece titled In the Obama-Era, Plans Revive for a Northfield-Twin Cities Rail Line (PDF – full text below).

See the Dan Patch commuter rail line/corridor web page on MNDOT’s site for more info, as well as the Northstar Commuter Rail Line website.

Northstar Commuter Rail Line sketch Northstar Commuter Rail Line sketch

In the Obama-Era, Plans Revive for a Northfield-Twin Cities Rail Line

By Logan Nash

With the national economy still a giant question mark, Northfield community leaders are pushing ahead to revive a long-delayed project to build a commuter rail line that would link the town to the Twin Cities metropolitan region.

The national economic downturn is precisely why a serious reconsideration of the commuter line, called the Dan Patch Corridor, is especially warranted right now, the line’s advocates say.

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