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Jay Rosen Earlier this week I read a blog post by Bora Zivkovic titled Twittering is a difficult art form – if you are doing it right (which started with a tweet by Aaron Naparstek) and followed his link to Jay Rosen’s blog post from a year ago, Mindcasting: defining the form, spreading the meme. Rosen tweeted about it this week, too.

mindcasting I also re-read the March 2009 article in the LA Times, On Twitter, mindcasting is the new lifecasting.

  • Mindcasting (WordSpy definition): “Posting a series of messages that reflect one’s current thoughts, ideas, passions, observations, readings, and other intellectual interests.”
  • Lifecasting (Zivkovic definition): “to be in a continuous presence in a community of one’s liking.” Rosen extreme example: “what you had for breakfast or how much you hate Mondays.”

All this helped me rethink my own use of social media:

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twitter-48 In the two years I’ve been using Twitter, I’ve primarily seen it as a micro-blogging service, another platform for publishing with some unique advantages that make it an important complementary tool to a blog.

But in past few months, I’ve discovered how valuable it also is for tuning into the voices of the people I’m most interested in.

David CarrDavid Carr wrote a Jan. 1, 2010 NY Times column titled Why Twitter Will Endure in which he describes this unique advantage of Twitter.

I’ve reread his column several times as I’ve come to experience what he’s described.

Some excerpts:


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