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Rotarians Nancy and Missi know how to handle Amy, much to the benefit of The Key

Nancy Amerman, Amy Merritt, Missi Arens Nancy Amerman, Amy Merritt, Missi Arens

Last week I was working in The HideAway, one of my other Division St offices, when I spotted these women in a corner, appearing to be working/collaborating/scheming. Northfield Rotary Club members Missi Arens and Nancy Amerman were meeting with Amy Merritt, Director of the Northfield Union of Youth (The Key).  Amy is famously camera-shy but with a little bit of arm twisting from Nancy, she caved.

I asked Nancy to send me a blurb about what they were meeting  about:

We were meeting to discuss our organizations’ collaborative efforts to fundraise for The Key’s capital campaign. The Rotary Club of Northfield and The Key joined forces in 2010 and have worked together on the Rotary fun runs, car raffle, canoe sale, and The Key’s Valentine’s Day Rose Sale among other projects.

Where should the Union of Youth skateboard park be located?

2009 temporary skatepark at Babcock Park 2009 temporary skatepark at Babcock Park
I see in the minutes for the January PRAB (Parks & Rec Advisory Board) meeting (page 4 of the Feb. packet), that there was a presentation by the Northfield  Union of Youth about their skateboard park equipment.

The group is looking for guidance on the next step. The $10,000 grant they obtained will expire at the end of 2012. They are looking for a permanent place for their newly acquired equipment. Discussion with the PRAB and the group included past skate park issues, possible sites, and monitoring of the park. Staff will begin looking at the size requirements for the equipment, and costs associated with pavement, fencing and other expenses. Staff will also research user fees and costs for staffing a skate park.

For background, see this Jan. 20 Nfld News article Equipment purchase gives proposed skatepark a boost:

A half pipe, quarter pipe, a pyramid, rails and more — are all now owned by the Union of Youth, also known as The Key.

“I was like ‘sweet,’ finally,” said Jared Larson of the purchase, a deal brokered with the help of city Streets & Parks Supervisor TJ Heinricy.

Photos and video of a music night in Northfield: The Big Strong Men; Area 51; Fort Wilson Riot

Downtown Northfield under a full moonDowntown Northfield under a full moonAs Robbie and I got out of our car in downtown’s west side parking lot last night, we heard music coming from both the Cow’s outdoor stage and the back deck of The Key. Northfielders who ventured downtown, it turns out, got a real treat from the bands at both outdoor venues—with warm temps, spectacular skies, and later on, a full moon.

See my album of 18 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow (videos below):

Below: a two-minute video clip of The Big Strong Men (Facebook page). The band wowed the audience (wide age range) in ways that I’d not seen in a while in Northfield. Members include:

Ben Greenwald: Guitar/Vocals
Christopher "Philly" Williams: Keyboards/Vocals
Joe Silberschmidt: Drums/Vocals
Jon Camp: Bass


Below: a 30-second video clip of Jacob Mullis and Amy Hager of Fort Wilson Riot (also follow them on Twitter and Facebook). Marie Fischer also has some photos in a post on The Key’s blog where she thanks them “for playing the most incredible drum-free show The Key has ever seen.”

Northfield Union of Youth purchases building on 6th St for The Key

111 West 6th St.Alex Beeby, member of the Adult Board of Directors for the Northfield Union of Youth (NUY), told me this morning that they’d closed on the purchase of the old Northfield Photo building at 111 West 6th St.

The KeyIt’ll be the new location for NUY’s youth center, The Key, currently at 303 Water St. A press release is forthcoming.

NUY owns the north half (building and property) of its current location.  The City of Northfield owns the other half.

Podcast: Amy Merritt, Executive Director of the Union of Youth

Ross Currier, Amy Merritt, Tracy Davis, Our radio show/podcast guest this week: Amy Merritt, the new Executive Director of the Northfield Union of Youth, whose youth center is known as The Key. Former ED Josh Hinnencamp blogged about her hiring back in August.

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.

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Amy Merritt named new Executive Director of the Union of Youth (The Key)

Amy Merritt and Josh Hinnencamp I happened to be having fish and chips on the upper deck of the Contented Cow last night when a swarm of adults and youth converged on an unsuspecting Amy Merritt to inform her that she’d been named the new Executive Director of the Union of Youth (The Key) , succeeding Josh Hinnencamp, pictured with her in the photo.

There’s no announcement yet on the Union of Youth blog nor on their Facebook group but Marie Fischer posted a note on her Facebook wall.

The temporary skatepark in Babcock Park is ready

temporary skatepark at Babcock Park  Joel Walinski wrote in the Friday Memo for July 10:

As noted below, approximately 50% of the Babcock Park Rodeo Grounds parking lot was overlayed this week. Local skateboarders were out the following day examining and testing the work completed. Word from the Skate Board Coalition is the group will be working on installing different components over the next several weeks in this area.

Nothing about this so far on the Union of Youth’s skatepark page (which is actually the Union of Youth blog with the tag word ‘skatepark’).

Looks like they’re going to need a trash container there.

Podcast: Northfield Union of Youth

Union of Youth board members Maisie, Hattie, and Ruth with Griff Wigley Three youth board members from the Northfield Union of Youth joined us yesterday to discuss the organization on its 15th anniversary. L to R in the photo with me and Jesse James:  Maisie, Hattie, and Ruth.  They’ll be at tonight’s open house at The Key. See my blog post from earlier this week on the event. There are over two dozen comments attached to it, many by young people talking about what the organization has meant to them. (continued)

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