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Solar powered trash compactors make their debut. They talk.

BigBelly solar powered trash compactor BigBelly solar powered trash compactor BigBelly solar powered trash compactor
I spotted a BigBelly solar-powered trash compactor at the corner of 6th and Division on Friday, in the front yard of Eco GardensNorthfield Waste Management is evidently deploying a few of these around the city. The units compact the trash and communicate wirelessly to WM’s office, allowing them to determine when the trash bin needs to be emptied.

Howie told me they’re pricey but I can’t find any info on whether the City is paying for them, if it’s just an experiment by WM, or if WM is using them to ‘sweeten up’ the City to help with its efforts to renew its contract. He also said that they haven’t been approved for placement in the downtown historic district, but I can’t find details on that, either.  Anyone?

Recycling bins and newspaper vending racks: a project for the Streetscape Task Force?

Recycling bins downtown Recycling bins downtown newspaper vending racks downtown
City Administrator Joel Walinski writes in the June 4 Friday Memo:

Downtown Recycling Cans, Oh! They’re so ugly! 20 temporary recycling containers were put in place Friday June 4, 2010 along Division Street. Street Supervisor TJ Heinricy has been working with Waste Management staff to develop a test-recycling program for the downtown area over the past several months.

Our interest is in the assessing the recycling waste stream and how much use there is or could be. This information will be used in the cost analysis and consideration of the return on investment for allocating future dollars on more permanent (eye-appealing) recycling containers in the downtown area.

Seems like downtown recycling bins and newspaper vending racks should be a project for the Streetscape Task Force.

Recycling bins, Montreal Missoula recycling bins  Flash Forward recycling bin, Toronto
Left: I like the ones used in Montreal near McGill University.
Center: the ones in Missoula, Montana aren’t bad
Right: even better are ones in Toronto that serve another purpose – Art:

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Straw poll: Would you volunteer to staff the City’s yard waste/compost facility to save money?

City of Northfield compost facilityThe City of Northfield’s compost facility is not due to open for two more weeks, April 13, despite the fact that spring has arrived 2-3 weeks early. Normally, I Ross Tracy would be bitching whining about the City’s lack of flexibility or poor “customer” responsiveness.

But this year’s budget woes compel me to approach it differently. I don’t know how much the City spends each season to have a part-time people staff it but let’s assume it’s approximately $15, 000 (40 hrs/week * 30 weeks * $12/hr).

compost-faq-sshotThe City could save money by cutting back hours and telling people to pay Waste Management or use the Rice County Recycling Center (see the 2010 compost site PDF).

Or it could ask its citizens to volunteer to help keep services at their present level. (Imagine this scenario happening with many other services that the City provides.)

Here’s a straw poll that’ll give city fathers and mothers an indication of citizens’ appetite for cutting vs. volunteering in order to save money:

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It’s Spring Clean-Up Day, Dump Day, Clean-up/Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Day

Spring Clean-up Day Spring Clean-up Day dump-day-poster-262x432

Got crap junk to get rid of? Today’s your day to unload it for free. Josh Hinnencamp, Executive Director of the Union of Youth, calls it Dump Day in his Got stuff you don’t need? blog post and the Northfield News calendar item calls it Clean-up/Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Day (links are mine):

Bring useable items to this year’s annual Spring Clean Up Day from 7 to 11 a.m. at the Northfield Rodeo Grounds, or from 7 to 11 a.m. at Lansing’s Hardware, where youth groups collect them. Items will be sold at the youth garage sale held (rain or shine) from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 2 at the former Lansing’s Hardware Store, corner of Division and 7th Streets. Proceeds benefit the many project funds of The Key and the Mayor’s Youth Council. Hosted by the EQC, the Mayor’s Youth Council and The Key Youth Board. Waste Management provides dumpsters to unload debris free of charge to Northfield residents (must show I.D.) from 7 to 11 a.m. at the rodeo grounds. Disposal fee on electronic appliances.

Next Saturday, May 2, Waste Management will again be taking items.