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Vote for Dakota County’s two Partners in Preservation finalists: the Waterford Iron Bridge and Historic Pilot Knob

Waterford Township Supervisor Liz Messner Waterford Iron Bridge Bridgewater Township Clerk Janalee Cooper Historic Pilot Knob

Waterford Township Supervisor Liz Messner and Bridgewater Township Clerk Janalee Cooper stopped by my morning corner office at Goodbye Blue Monday yesterday. They’re spreading the word about how the Waterford Iron Bridge is in the running for a portion of $1 million from Partners in Preservation. They’ve teamed up on their promotion efforts with Dakota County Historical Society and are encouraging people to vote one day for the Waterford Iron Bridge (Facebook page) and the next day for Historic Pilot Knob (PDF).

I’m conflicted. I grew up a mile from Historic Pilot Knob and have Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota ancestors. See my 2008 blog post when the site was purchased by the city of Mendota Heights, saving it from development.

Waterford Iron Bridge, Sept 2010 flood Waterford Iron Bridge, Sept 2010 flood 
But my affection is now for the Waterford Iron Bridge because I regularly visit there, biking and walking across it as it’s adjacent to the Carleton Arb.  It was one year ago this weekend when the flood nearly washed it away.

Northfielder Paul Hager has produced this gorgeous Waterford Iron Bridge video:

The Waterford Iron Bridge from Paul Hager on Vimeo.

Vote for Waterford Iron Bridge Scan this now to access voting on your smartphone

So 1) get your butt over to the Partners in Preservation Facebook page, 2) Like the page, 3) authorize their  app so you can vote, and then 4) vote every day till Oct. 12.

You can also vote via your smartphone. Scan their QR code to make it easy.

See these links for local Waterford Iron Bridge media coverage:

The fight with Waterford Township: communication and transparency issues again bite City of Northfield in the ass

Five items to suggest that the City hasn’t yet learned the importance of communications and transparency:

  • bite_me_toilet Posted to the Nfld News at 7 pm yesterday: City may have violated Open Meetings Law. “Five City Council members have now confirmed that they met individually with the city administrator to discuss withholding tax reimbursements from Waterford Township, an apparent violation of state Open Meetings Law.”
  • Wed. Nfld News: Fighting words arise over 30-year-old annexation agreement: “The city’s decision to review the agreement at next Tuesday’s city council meeting is “unethical,” since it doesn’t provide enough time for Waterford to weigh its legal options, Dudley said after discussing the issue with city officials at the township’s regular meeting on Monday night.”

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Does the Waterford Township annexation agreement need to be revised?

Waterford Community Center Since the northwest annexation issue now moves from the Northfield Planning Commission to the City Council, it seems like there should be more discussion of the 1980 Waterford Township annexation agreement.

Some background:

May 9 Nfld News: Just out of reach: Waterford Township.

A 1980 annexation agreement with Waterford, the smallest of the four townships surrounding Northfield, doesn’t allow annexation without the township board of supervisors’ approval. In 28 years, Waterford has agreed to one annexation: 20 acres off Sheldahl Road, which allows Sheldahl, now Multek, to relocate. A three-page typewritten agreement not only says the city can’t annex Waterford property without its approval, but must forever pay the township, north of the city just across the Dakota County line on Hwy. 3, for taxes lost in the annexation.

May 13 Nfld News editorial: Waterford accord needs another look.

As Northfield looks to expand its tax base and as discussions of a new business park continue, the city needs to examine all its annexation agreements to see whether they’re still wise to continue or if they should be renegotiated. The city should start with Waterford.

Letters to the editor in the May 17 Nfld News from Mary Ellen Frame and Liz Messner, Waterford Township Supervisor.

Letter to the editor in the May 21 Nfld News from Erin Johnson, Waterford Township Clerk.