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gbm-sshot It’s only been 17 years but Dan Riggins and Katherine Dominguez at the Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House (GBM) now have a website. Sean Hayford O’Leary did the design and construction (using WordPress, of course).   I did a quick web search and found a 2005 review of the Blue Monday by the Meridian Coffeehouse blog (“All about Coffee House Culture – Running a Coffee House, Living the Coffee House Lifestyle”). They wrote… (continued)


nfld-website-sshot I don’t know if the City of Northfield’s 4-year old website can be easily modified (that was the plan when it was created for $85,000) but it clearly needs improvement. So maybe we can help the City by listing the problems we encounter when using the site and making suggestions for improvement. (Although I do blogsites for a living, I would decline bidding on a revamp of the City’s site, just like I declined to bid on a revamp of the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s website.) (continued)

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The City of Northfield’s Municipal Liquor Store is hosting a wine-tasting event tonight at the Grand. The first one held earlier this year was fantastic and I hope to be…

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