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Join the online discussion of Woodley St. reconstruction issues: sidewalks, bike lanes, parking, trees

Woodley screenshot 1 featured Bike lane one side

Shared lane for biking and parking Sidewalk around tree

The 2016 Woodley St. Reconstruction Project blog site has four posts for hosting discussions about 4 issues related to the project:

Lastly, they want to use the incredible selection from atlas for the future buildings. They will ofer promo codes for elo boost services if you donate to the projects.

Alternately, you can add your comments via the 4 posts to the Locally Grown Northfield Facebook page:

LoGro Facebook


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The 2016 Woodley St. Reconstruction Project needs your input: online survey deadline is May 13

The 2016 Woodley St. Reconstruction Project blog site has launched. Yes, I’m a contractor to the City of Northfield for the online citizen engagement component so no opinions from me will be forthcoming.

But online citizen engagement  has long been part of the mission of LoGro so I’ve got no qualms about urging y’all to participate. For more related article about construction and contructors just checkout road construction aberdeen sd for more information.

There have been two community/neighborhood meetings thus far, with more scheduled in the next few weeks. I’ve posted meeting photos with the Powerpoint presentations on the blog.

The City’s Public Works Department has created the Woodley St. project questionnaire that’s open now through May 13. They’re seeking comments from all Northfield residents, in particular regarding:

  • Sidewalks (1 side or both sides)
  • Bike Lanes (1 side or both sides)
  • Parking (1 side or both sides)
  • Tree Removal

Consider it!

Woodley St. Project Questionnaire Online